Man of Steel – The Real Superman (Christian Review)

Man of Steel is a 2013 superhero film based on the DC Comics character Superman. This is a christian review of the movie. Superman’s life & mission as portrayed in the movie in comparison to Jesus, The Real Superman.

Man of Steel – The Real Superman

The movie timeline is in a non-linear fashion, where it goes back and forth between Superman’s childhood, past & present. The movie stays true to the spirit of the traditional DC Comic universe.

Superman is raise by Johnathan and Martha who are not his biological parents. Clark Kent as he is also know as, grew up in wisdom and stature under Godly foster parents. Johnathan at a point in the movie tells Clark that “You [Clark] are not of this world but beyond it.” Johnathan also said “You [Clark] were sent here for a reason”.

While growing up as a boy, being bullied – Clark choose to turn to the other cheek. But also at times showed righteous judgement upon the truck driver who was picking on him. Similar to how Jesus showed righteous judgement by throwing out all the merchant’s who were selling inside the temple.

During the exploration of the spaceship, Louis Lane gets wounded, and Clark heals her by sealing the the wound. He also says “I can do things that other people can’t.”

Clark Kent’s, real name ‘Kar-El’ is sent to earth by his father ‘Jor-El’.

Their family is from the House of El, which stands for Hope. Jor-El says “Embodied within that hope is the fundamental belief that the potential that everyone can do good.” In the hebrew language ‘El’ also means God.

In the movie ‘Jor-El’ acts as God the father giving purposeful values to Kar-El’s life & being. Jor-El believes that people have the right to choose their destiny. His greatness is reflected upon his son Kar-El and tells him “You will help them accomplish wonders.”

Kar-El is the reflection of Jesus the Son. Jor-El says “He is the best of both worlds.” Its kind of like the person of Christ who embodies humanity along with divinity.

Special powers of Superman such as his X-ray vision through which he can see into anything, just as Jesus sees into the depths of our being. (Luke 5:22)

Kar-El’s super hearing makes him listen to all that is happening around him, just like the omnipresence of God. But just as superman chooses not to use it for his advantage, same way Jesus chooses to use it not for His benefit but makes himself humble to the roll of a servant (Phil 2:5-8 MSG) .

During the course of the movie we learn that in Kar-El’s blood the Life of the entire planet is present, just as Jesus who is the source of all life. And through Jesus’ blood we have life.

The movie attracts atheists and sceptics with the statements like:

“You are not alone”, being broadcasted to every person.

Faora, Zod’s sub-commander said, “The fact that you [Superman] poses Morality and we do not, it gives us [General Zod’s team] an evolutionary advantage. Evolution always wins.”

With closing statement of General Zod being “Every action I take no matter how violent or how cruel. Its for the greater good.” Zod way of life is survival of the fittest, to annihilate  life on planet earth to start his own rule of new krypton on earth.

While superman stands for embodiment of Faith, Hope & Love. Zod stands for destruction, death & genocide. All this is a logical out come of a society which lost it’s moral absolute.

In closing I’d like us to think like Louis Lane of Daily Planet, a reporter who hunts down a story. Even as Louis was hunting leads for Superman, she noticed a pattern emerging, testimonies and evidence being woven together to strengthen the case for Superman, a man from out of this world.

In reality the only person who can be superman and more is Jesus.

And I’d like to us to hunt down the evidence, verify the claims, read the first hand testimony of four reporters of the first century. Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. Luke was a physician by profession, a learned man. He reports in his gospel in a similar fashion of Louis Lane.

Testimonies, evidence being woven together to produce the undeniable case for Jesus as the real Superman.

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