The Great Power Struggle

The word ‘POWER’ is made up of just five letters but the weight and the strength this word carries is felt most by those who either use it or are under authority of someone who posses it in immense quantity.

But power, in more ways than another becomes abusive or healthy in the hands of those who use it. How is this possible? Well, history has given us examples of people who were able to deliver either good or bad results from the use of power that had been given to them.

One such example can be Hitler. The power that he wielded did not only shape the entire nation of Germany and the world tragically, but the power of one person’s words and actions to try and eliminate an entire race of a certain community showed what great authority and might, it might bring out of one person’s ideas and ideologies. It not only shaped a new generation of people’s views but in time to follow, it posed a threat to see any leadership of such standard, what could be brought about with such actions and their kind of thinking and acts that were carried out.

But not all such people who displayed the courage to show that they had the potential to do something different waited for a better position or opportunity that if and only when they had the power, could they change the world. But rather through one act of kindness, one humble smile of compassion, this person gave a whole new meaning to “loving your neighbor as yourself”. Those who are neglected by society who could not do anything for themselves when their lives were touched and transformed through the power of love it showed that power could not be only with those who work their way to the top but also could be with those who humbly accepted one soul at a time and felt love was the only healing balm they could provide to that which was torn by disease and abandonment.  This person I mention about is none other than Mother Teresa. Her endeavors not only put the City of Joy on the world map but it was at this display of the power of love that the world stopped and noticed of how much of a difference one hand reaching out could make and gave the opportunity for many others who decided to set themselves aside to continue this act through the power of love.

At this time I’m reminded about a certain phrase that I came across in the movie – the Spiderman. It was said by Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, just the time when he was gifted with the strength and ability of his spider powers and Peter on discovering it wants to test its efficiency, is just about to enter a fighting arena in order to earn some quick bucks! He said, “…. with great power comes great responsibility”. And that is a true statement indeed. All through the movie you see two power struggles taking place. One between Spiderman who after losing his uncle, he felt that his given powers if used for the good of society could bring about a healthy change, and the other between a great scientist and the villain of the movie, who had the money and the capabilities to use it for a genuine purpose rather misuses it for his greed for more. Although the end of the movie is a triumph over evil but the underlying message of the movie is simple and clear – with great power does come great responsibility and our response to it matters much!

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To say that power is just meant for the strong and not of the weak is also an understatement. Power enables the one who exercises it to bring about the change that they would like to see take place. However, the outcome is what one makes out of it. Good or bad results is in one’s hand and it’s up to their efforts that will reveal its works.

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