30 Years 30 Lessons

Bye, bye Twenties! Hello, Thirties!

I believe aging is the process of accumulating God’s faithfulness. As I step into another year of His faithfulness, I want to share lessons that I’ve learned over the course of these years. Though most of this is an outflow of a relationship with Jesus over the last 10 years. But as I look back I feel that God’s hand was upon me all throughout my life.

Some of these lessons I’ve learned from dear ones who modeled this for me, others are a result of self-reflection.

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Leap of Faith

A Leap of Faith

Another month comes to an end, Ten more months till the year ends. For me 2016 is speeding by. Someone asked me today, what is my expectations for this year? My reply, “All Things New”. New experiences, new friendship, new adventure, new joys, but also new tears, new sorrows, new detours, new hardships, new challenges. But through it the best thing is I learned new life lessons.

Today marks an important anchor point in the passage of time. It’s the 29th of February, a leap year. A date which comes every four years. As I look back into the last four years, to the things I’ve learned and experienced, the challenges, the opportunities, the friendships and the memories. It has all been a well crafted plan by the Master of the Universe. I’ve grown from what I was to what He wants me to be. Every experience, every moment was a well orchestrated plan where I learned to be better everyday. I’ve learned to trust in Him more everyday. What I’ve realised that none of this would have been possible if I wasn’t willing to take a leap of faith. Read more